At Star Leads Media, we can arrange a physical appointment with your customers. What we do is call the customer on your behalf, see if he/she is interested in your product/service, and then arrange a physical appointment, where you will visit the customer for either verification purposes or selling your product or service.

Appointment Setups for Different Campaigns

We arrange appointments for almost all campaigns. Let’s take a deep look at appointment setups for a few campaigns.

Solar Campaign

In the solar campaign, we arrange physical appointments on the behalf of a customer for installation of solar panels. First pf all a call is dialed on the given number of a customer on the behalf of our client.

This call is then transfer to a licensed agent who introduces the customer to all of the different solar options available. If they agree upon any one of them, A physical appointment is set upon by our agent on your behalf.

Medicare Campaign

We can set up your physical appointment for Medicare as well. Like all the other campaigns, an initial call is made to the customer on the given number. If he/she show some interest , this call is then further transferred for quality assurance.

After final inspection, a physical appointment is made with the customer on one of our client’s company’s behalf. Their representative then visits the customer for selling their services.

Final Expense Campaign

We arrange appointments for final expense campaign on behalf of our clients. We ask the customers all of their personal information, like their address, phone number, full name for verification purposes.

After the verification, this call goes through our quality assurance team, who then transfers the lead to the respective client. One of our client’s representative visits the customer for either verification purposes or selling their final expense insurance.

Why Should you Trust Us?

We have been working for over 15 companies on final expense insurance in 7 years. And we are proud to say that all of these 15 companies are still working with us. We have never lost a client, not even once.

We bring the best leads on the table which most probably will convert. During these 7 years, we have grown exponentially with our clients. Even if we are 1% unsure about the quality of the lead, we drop it immediately. We believe in the prosperity of our client because this is where our success lies.

Get a Quote

If you have to bear with us this far, then surely you have made your mind up of giving us a chance. Let’s talk further about this. Above listed is our number. You can call anytime and make an appointment for yourself. We would be happy to take you on board.

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