FE Script

Hello?     Hi, this is _____ with Senior Saving Center. How are you today?

The reason for my call is to let you know about a New Low Cost  “Final Expense Life Insurance Plan” that is  is designed to cover ​up to ​ 100% of your funeral expenses.

So one of our local licensed Agent  will give you a call back and provide you more information about this New Low Cost Final Expense LIFE insurance plan? Would that be ok ?

 1.So What is the best time to call you back like Morning, Evening or Afternoon?

2. Just to qualify How old are you? So that the advocate could prepare the best plan for you so how old Are you?

3.If you chose this plan then who would be you beneficiary like  Your Spouse, Son, Daughter or any other one ?

4.  And, Would you like to get the information on 5000,10000 or 20000 in coverage ?

5. Sir/Mam For the call back reference and security purpose with my advocate I just need to confirm What’s your favorite hobby like fishing cooking reading or anything? (let the customer speak.( If NO Hobby – collect a favorite color).

6. For the maximum Discount purposes, do you have a valid Check in or Savings Bank Account?

7-Make sure it’s your regular account not a Girect express card issued by social security office Right?(Cx should have one of them if not then ask for her spouse check in or savings ) Ok, great!

8.Correct me if I’m wrong I have your First and Last name with me is_______ Right?

9-AND your mailing Address with me is Street Address, State, Zip Code. Right?

Please Do remember to expect a call back from my Senior benefits advocate in 24-48 hours about this Final expense insurance plan even your phone is listed on  Any  State or Federal  Do Not call List. Would that be ok? Sir/Mam?  

Alright have a Good day.