Final Expense Leads

What is the Final Expense Leads Program

Final expense insurance is the end-of-life insurance, designed for senior citizens, especially. There are several different types of final expense insurance programs. Consumers tend to choose the plan according to their needs. Our experts have an impeccable on all the policies and can handle all sorts of clients.

What We are Offering

Star Leads Media is the name of trust. We understand that businesses are based on customer support and client satisfaction. That’s why our dedicated team of experts work tirelessly bringing you clients of highest traits and quality.

We have a workforce of over 300 people working only on final expense leads. Most of them have over 5 to 7 years of experience. They can tell just by the tone of a client whether or not he is a good prospect for your business. They don’t just blindly make sales over any other individual on the call, rather they are instructed to prefer quality over quantity.

That said, we are still managing to produce thousands of leads every day. We can produce over 2000 leads every day. We make sure that most of these leads will convert into prospects for your business.

Why you Should Outsource your Final Expense Leads

Outsourcing your final expense leads is a much more sensible idea than doing It yourself. There are many reasons for it. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Cost Efficient: Outsourcing your final expense insurance leads will decrease your cost to minimal. But how? The cost of hiring and training is a bit too high because you will be hiring trainers to train newbies. Moreover, not all of them will become efficient agents. It will take you a while to find agents appropriate for your business. On the other hand, we already have a team of experts working efficiently for years in this business niche.
  • Alleviating Pressure: Don’t be a jack of all trades. You will lose your profits while maintaining the standards of customer support. As a business owner, your job should be to focus on maintaining the standards of your main business, let it be Employee Management, Profit and Loss, or risk management.
  • Benefits of having a Large workforce: Life is uncertain. Natural Disasters like floods, tsunamis, earthquakes can cause great panic. Take the example of the recent pandemic. Hundreds and thousands of people are dying every day. In a situation like this, people will be claiming their final expense insurance almost every day. With minimal staff members, you will not be able to get back to them in time. This may cause great tension among individual bringing your business’s reputation on stake. You may as well be losing a lot of future and eventually your whole business. On the other hand, with our large workforce of over 300 agents, your customers will get their claims done as soon as possible.

Why Should you Trust Us?

We have worked for over 15 companies on best final expense insurance in 7 years, and we are proud to say that all of these 15 companies are still working with us. We have never lost a client, not even once.

We bring the best leads on the table which most probably will convert. During these 7 years, we have grown exponentially with our clients. Even if we are 1% unsure about the quality of the lead, we drop it immediately. We believe in the prosperity of our client because this is where our success lies.

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