Hello is (customer name) there? Hi Mr. / Ms. (customer name). This is (agent name) With US health insurance saving center. How are you doing today? Great.

We have been saving a lot of money to the people in your neighborhood on their health Insurance.

As health Insurance rates have been dropped down by a substantial margin in your area. 

I believe you have health insurance? Yes/No (proceed in both cases)

OPT-IN If you get something a lot better and cheaper than you have right now for your health insurance, would you consider it as an option for your future reference? Must be yes.   Response 1: Yes Let me quickly verify some basic information so we can quote you accordingly. 

1. Are you under the age of 60? 2. Do you have health insurance? 3. What is the name of your insurance company (Must not be on Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, Social Security or other state funded/military insurance)

And one last thing from my side God forbid you are not suffering from any major diseases like cancer? (Please don’t proceed if customer is suffering from any major diseases)  

Great, I have a local agent/specialist on the other line who will give you the exact figure/price like how much money you can save, so can you please hold on for few seconds so I can bring him in? Yes.


It will take only few moments, Please stay on the line and do not hang up, Thank You