Life Insurance Lead Script

Hi. This is …….. With Senior Benefits. How are you?

I’m calling to let you know of a new LOW COST life Expense Insurance plan that has just been approved in your state <<STATE ON DIALER>>.

Would you like to learn more about this new Low Cost LIFE insurance Plan       ?

If YES Continue

 (If Not interested /YES Insurance One Rebuttal allowed)

  1. What is the best callback time? ( morning , evening or afternoon)
  2. Will this information be just for you or your spouse as well?
    1. How old are you?   (Age limit 18 – 55)
    1. (If yes)How old is your spouse?
  3. Your best callback number is:
  4. Your address I have here is:
  5. Your full name I have here is:
  6. Do you have any major medical condition? (must be no ) (major: heart , lung , cancer, kidney)
  7. What is your favorite color just for call reference?

Our local agent is an expert on this new plan and he will provide you with a quote and help you to better understand how this affordable plan can benefit you and your family. 

Please remember to expect a callback from <<AGENT NAME>> within the next few days about this life Insurance plan.

Have a wonderful day.