Life Insurance Leads Services

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance Leads can be regarded as an agreement or endorsement between a life-insurance company and a consumer. Such a company aims at the provision of damage and theft expenditure at the expense of a weekly, monthly or annual premium. Quite common in the USA, a wide array of life-insurance companies offer such services.

What Are We Offering?

Our establishment offers supreme customer support and assistance for your Life Insurance Company. Located in Florida, our personnel include 200 efficient employees. Our dutiful and accommodating workforce possesses the capability of giving rise to 300 leads per day.

Star Leads Media endeavors for the provision of exclusive Life Insurance Leads Services for notable and leading generations. Our company prides itself at the production of hundreds of legitimate leads every single day and possesses the potential of generating even more. Our professionals possess significant understanding of Life Insurance Leads Services and can handle diverse varieties of clients.

Star Leads Media- A Name of Trust

Star Leads Media respects the privacy and deference of its clients and believes in the augmentation and prosperity of their businesses. We solely aim at bringing prestige to their business and the provision of adequate customer support.

Our verification system consists of a number of substantial steps, with the calls arranged systematically. After the confirmation of a lead, a verification process is undertaken by our senior staff, which allows the lead to be transferred to our clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Star Leads Media

Star Leads Media offers pre-eminent customer support and maintenance to Life Insurance Companies at minimal financial cost. Following are a few more advantages of working with us;

  • Our Inbound call centers have toll-free numbers.
  • Our client’s security is of paramount importance to us.
  • We firmly believe in the opulence of our clients.
  • We provide customized services fit for your requirements.
  • Star Leads Media undertakes the task of training and managing your staff with respect to your requirements.
  • We believe in qualitative as well as quantitative aspects and can generate up to 300 leads a day.
  • We expertise in customized scripts.
  • Our Native American agents possess impeccable communication and social skills.

Licensed Agents

The most reputable Life Insurance Companies in the US are provided with immaculate customer support by provision of apt solutions and acquirement of as many prospects as possible.

Star Leads Media has been providing licensed agents for customer support since the last 7 years. This business is built on trust and by looking after our clients trust and best interests.

Our Replacement Policy

1. As according to telemarketing law, if the lead sent to the client has more than two rebuttals, Star Leads Media’s policy is to either replace the lead with no cost or give credit to the client as satisfying our client is our basic priority.

2. Duplicate:  If the lead generated is sent twice within 360 days, then Star Leads Media’s policy is to either replace the lead with no cost or issue a credit against that lead.

3. Recording proof: Every call generated by Star Leads Media is exclusive and for client’s satisfaction, Star Leads Media generates recordings for every individual call made to the customer and sends recordings as a proof to the client. If we fail to deliver the recording to client’s demands, Star leads media’s policy is to either replace the lead with no cost or issue a credit against that lead.