Live Transfer

Live Transfer

What is Live Transfer

In the call center business, when a customer seems interested and qualifies for a product or service, the call is transferred to a senior/licensed agent, who then verifies if all the information given is valid or not. It is called Live Transfer .

Live Transfer in Different Campaigns

Solar Campaign

In the solar campaign, a live call is transferred to a certified licensed agent who then takes further inspection to see if the customer qualifies for a specific plan or not. These agents are highly skilled and have professional diplomas as an agent.

Medicare Campaign

In the Medicare campaign, when a customer qualifies for the specific plan, the call is then transferred to a verification officer who then further verifies all the information. After the final verification process, the call is transferred to a certified agent who then provides the best suitable quotes to the customer.

Final Expense Campaign

Just like any other campaign, final expense campaign plans its live transfers in the same manner. An interested customer is transferred to a certified agent who then shows the customer all the available or suitable final expense plans.

How Does Star Leads Media to Arrange its Live Transfers?

When it comes to living transfers, Star Leads Media is very careful because the time between the transfer is very crucial. You can easily lose a customer if it takes too long. To solve such issues, Star Leads Media’s huge workforce comes in handy.

We have a workforce of more than 100 certified agents working for us. Even if we have 100 calls queued up at the same time, we can easily manage them. This way we lose little to no customer over live transfers.

Moreover, we have the best software and broadband services in working. We are very cautious of technical issues, that is why we have a complete technical team always striving to make things better for us.

Star Leads Media- A Name of Trust

We respect the privacy of our clients and believe in the growth and prosperity of their businesses. Our sole purpose is to bring value to their business and provide satisfactory customer support.

Our verification system is tough and followed by many steps. The calls are arranged systemically. After a lead is confirmed, it then goes through our senior staff who conducts a verification. This lead is then transferred to our clients.

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