Medicare Supplement


Hi my name is Jake and I am the HEALTH CARE SPEACIALIST from National Health Department How are you doing today?

Well, we are not selling anything and I am not going to take your much time. Actually, the rates of Medicare have been drop down up to 35% and we are just providing free of cost quotation over the phone right now. So, we are just enrolling you guys and providing some additional benefits which are missing from your Medicare and to make you aware of it.

So, I believe you do have Medicare part A and B Right? (Perfect)


1) Do you pay any co-pays whenever you visit the doctor?

IF yes

Ok so you have Medicare advantage plan and we guys will help you to

lower down your co pays and get you the additional benefit without any

cost like dental, vision, prescription, transportation and other benefits.

IF no

Ok so you have Medicare supplement plan and we guys will help you to

lower down your premium on secondary plan?

2) Do you have any major health conditions in last 2 years like;

heart attack, cancer or any other.

3) Do you Make decision for yourself? (Must be yes)

4 And as you have part A&B you must be having your Medicare Card with you right?

Alright so that all the information I need to verify from your side now I am my license agent on the line with me (Follow TCPA from here)

So by speaking to our live representative, you agree to our privacy policy, authorize us and the insurance service provider to contact you even if you are on a DNC list. You don’t have to purchase or buy anything this is just free of cost information Alright? (Take a proper YES/ OK)

So while I am patching you keep your Medicare card handy with you so you can have a better look on the savings and benefits we’ll provide you In this call Just keep it in your hand okay?