Mortgage Protection Script

Hi, my name is John and I am calling from the mortgage protection department, how are you doing today?

I am calling in reference to a new low cost mortgage protection insurance plan that will protect your family and your home in the event something happens to you.

This low cost plan will provide protection and will pay the mortgage on your home and protects it against foreclosure and forced sale. This plan will also pay your mortgage in the event of a death or disability. It also covers against heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

So, would that be ok; if one of our licensed mortgage protection specialists contact you with more information along with quotes?

If Yes Continue ….

Note: Please confirm Full Name & Address of the Customer.

  • How old are you Sir/Madam? (This is to determine the best plan)
  • And one last thing just for the reference of the call, what is your favorite color?

Just as a reminder! Our local license insurance agent (Agent Name) will contact you in the next few days and will provide you all the detail and quotes of this Mortgage Protection Plan. Would that be OK?

Thank you so much for your time & have a wonderful day.