Hi This is Sam from Solar Savings on a recorded Line How are you today?

Well I’m just calling to let you know that Solar Savings are helping out the home owners in your area who are still paying High Electric bill And We’re just providing Free information about a Rebated Zero Cost to you Solar Program that will help you to Low down your Electric bill least up to 50-60%.
1-So,As per my records you are still paying about 100$ or more than 100 dollars on your electric Bill Right Sir/mam?
3- By the way Do you remember the name of your electric provider? Con Edison, National Grid PG&E, Eversource, Duke Energy
4- Are there any tall trees Around your house that put shade on your Roof Top?
5-And I believe You pay your bills on time and you have a Good credit score Around 650 in points Roughly Right?

6-Okay Do Correct me If I’m wrong Your Good name with me is      Right?
7-And You are the Owner at 14568 W Wood Dr Surprise AZ 85058 Right?
Sounds Perfect!

For the Reference today is Date Day and Year. One of my Solar Expert will give you a call back to provide you free consultation about this Rebated Zero Cost Solar Program Even your Phone is Listed on Any federal or State Do Not Call List Alright Sir/Mam?
Thanks a lot for your time and have a Wonderful Day.